Wednesday, 27 January 2010

a walk in silence
Mistik (a good friend of mine) and me just made the first frames of our short animation ! another year and it'll be finished oyoy (: i'll keep you updated.

shine !

a god..
and a funny thaught: how much is a bit of the absolute/infinity? ..we are all god(s) (:
(another low quality picture of a ball-pen drawing ~70x45cm)

still trying to do prints. another bird...

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

and the third

another bird..

these are the biggest paintings i've ever done 120x140 cm (acrylic on canvas) ..took me a while to finish them. but they helped (:

osometimes i do prints too... here's an experiment somewhere between 2 techniques

some wannabesuperhero bird and ...another (dumb) one (:

as one of my teachers said: mud.... whatever, i always smile when i draw like this ..especially toys ! toys for life ! oyoy


prayer (acrylic on cardboard)

if i was a bird, i'd probably look something like these two...
(acrylic rules ! (: i think i fell in love with it doing this)

messing around with some aquarell (:
as you can see i'm a sucka for ball-pen (veeeery low quality picture..) somehow pencils just can't give you those deep black nuances that a ball-pen can... my opinion

ehehe... had fun doing these

some other drawings, made in ...2005 (?) for my cute lil' friend, Chihiro (:

oyoy. i'm starting a blog and i'm going to post some of my drawings, paintings or other stuff i do. here are some pretty old drawings.. it's a miracle i still have these scans, so i'll upload them quickly before they disappear... again. Check them out if you're interested (: oh, and my english sucks, but you'll get used to it hehe.

shine !

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